How to Skip Docks with a Frog with Seth Feider

Mon, August 8, 2022

Skipping boat docks with a hollow body frog can be one of the most exciting ways to get big bites during the summertime. Today, we're on the water with Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Seth Feider, to learn how to skip docks with a frog. A topwater frog excels when the docks are exceptionally shallow and nearly choked out underneath. When a jig or senko gets bogged down by slime, moss, or intense weed cover, a topwater frog can be the best bet to get bit. Seth relies on a topwater frog for fishing the shallowest docks in the lake, often 2 feet deep or less and is a great way to cover more water than a wacky worm or slower-moving bait. With how weedless a topwater frog can be, there is virtually no place you cannot throw it, accessing fish that maybe have not seen a bait in a while.

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