How to Fish Matted Vegetation with Bob Downey

Wed, September 7, 2022

Fishing matted vegetation is a great way to target big summertime bass holding in thick cover. Elite Series angler, Bob Downey, has two primary methods when targeting matted vegetation. First, he opts for a hollow body frog for its ability to cover water right over the tops of matted vegetation and having the drawing power to trigger strikes from big, predatory bass. Second, Bob likes to fish around the edges or punch through the heart of matted vegetation with a Texas Rig and a heavy weight to get through the thick pieces of cover. Similar to the frog, you'll want a heavier power rod, braided line, and a high-speed reel for battling bass in matted vegetation. Typically, soft plastics that are more streamlined with fewer appendages are best for fishing matted vegetation for their ability to slide into and out of cover with ease. The one-two punch of a hollow body frog and a Texas Rig is an effective way to attack matted vegetation and target some of the biggest bass in the lake that often see less angling pressure than offshore schools of fish. When it comes to the actual matted vegetation itself, small points, irregularities, inside turns, depressions and depth changes, or mixtures of two or more types of weeds are key targets where bass will often congregate within heavy cover. If there's rock, hard bottom, of clean sand beneath the vegetation, these can be some of the best areas to look for within an area of thick matted vegetation.

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