Popping vs Walking Frog with Dean Rojas

Thu, September 22, 2022

Dean Rojas is regarded as one of the founders of modern frog fishing, and helped SPRO design the original Bronzeye 65 Frog many years ago. Over time, he has learned the specific nuances of when to fish a traditional walking frog, such as the Bronzeye 65, and also when to fish a popping frog, such as the Bronzeye Poppin' Frog. For skipping docks, overhanging trees, or anytime you need to cast the frog into tight places, Dean prefers the original Bronzeye Frog for its ability to slide into cover and come out cleanly with its hydrodynamic design and natural appearance on the surface. The Bronzeye Popping Frog works extremely well in more open water situations, such as isolated clusters of pads, outer edges of matted vegetation lines, and sub-surface emerging vegetation. Both options are superbly weedless and have the ability to target big fish in shallow water, making for an exciting way to fish topwater for bass!

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