Flip It or Frog It? | Fishing Mats - Wes Logan

Tue, September 20, 2022

A common question anglers have when targeting shallow vegetation is whether they should flip and pitch soft plastics or fish a hollow body frog across the surface. Today, we're in the boat with Bassmaster Elite Series champion, Wes Logan, who is a known frogging and flipping master to learn exactly how to decide on when to flip or frog. As water temperatures begin to cool in late summer and early fall, loose vegetation can form mats across the surface, providing a canopy of cover and ambush points for big bass. As areas of vegetation begin to die off later in the season, they will generally be thickest and still rooted to the bottom around the outer edges where the grass is still partly living, making great targets for flipping with a heavy tungsten weight and a beaver-style soft plastic. With more of a canopy and fewer rooted vegetation stalks on the inner portions of a floating grass mat, a frog can be effectively fished to cover water and is an easy meal for a bass hiding beneath the matted vegetation.

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