How to Choose the Right Texas Rig Hook

Mon, July 12, 2021

Your Texas rig hook is just as important as the bait you put on it, so it's a good idea to pay attention to both. Whether you use an EWG, a worm hook, or a straight shank hook you can more affectively put fish in your boat by taking time to consider all the conditions!

When to Use a Worm Hook

Whenever you're fishing a fluke style bait it's best to use a worm hook. These hooks work amazingly when you're fishing sparse cover in open water or offshore fishing.

When to Use an EWG Hook

Whenever you need a heavy duty hook to punch through mats or you find yourself in a situation where you need a thicker line and a heavier rod, the EWG hook is your best friend.

When to Use a Straight Shank Flipping Hook

The straight shank flipping hooks shine in situations where you are using a snell knot. This knot with the straight shank hook gives it an action that makes the bait move up and down.

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