NEW! VMC RedLine Hooks Breakdown with Seth Feider

Wed, February 15, 2023

Bassmaster Elite and VMC pro, Seth Feider, breaks down the new VMC RedLine Series of hooks. The RedLine Series starts with an extra-light, extra-strong VMC Vanadium steel - the same material used in designing Formula 1 race cars. When combined with the ultra-smooth P.T.F.E coating that's so velvety smooth, you'll be lipping and unhooking them boatside before they even know they've been caught. Packaged with a super convenient Hook-Lok System, you'll instantly be 100% more organized in your terminal boxes for elite-caliber on-the-water efficiency. Turn your ordinary day of fishing into an extraordinary one and fish your Neko and Wacky rigs with unmatched confidence thanks to the new VMC RedLine Series of hooks.

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