Sunline Shooter vs. Sunline Sniper with Wes Logan

Thu, November 17, 2022

Bassmaster Elite, Wes Logan, has relied on Sunline fluorocarbon lines to compete at the highest level of tournament competition on earth. Today, Wes is here to give a rundown on the main differences between two of Sunline's most popular lines, Sunline Shooter and Sunline Sniper FC. When it comes to smaller finesse applications or finesse cranking, Wes reaches for Sunline Sniper FC for its thin diameter and softer characteristics, making it ideal for lighter applications. Sunline Sniper FC is ideal for drop shots, shakey heads, and a variety of lighter-line applications. When it comes to larger lines, 16lb test and above, Sunline Shooter is the ideal line to choose for power fishing techniques. From bladed jig or squarebill fishing around heavier cover to flipping and pitching, Shooter FC is a better choice for its stiffness and abrasion resistance. As a basic rule of thumb, Wes recommends using Sniper FC for finesse techniques and sticking with Shooter FC for heavier, power fishing applications.

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