VMC Tokyo Rig Review

Mon, November 18, 2019

When fishing around shallow cover, fish have seen it all. Patrick Walters breaks down why he uses the VMC Tokyo Rig to show the fish something new. One of the most important things to remember with the Tokyo Rig is the versatility. The Tokyo Rig can be fished in submerged grass, docks, deep rock, timber, reeds, and even matted grass. Depending on the soft plastic and the weight, this rig can be fished just about anywhere. 

Craws, beavers, worms, and even tubes can be used on the Tokyo Rig. One tip to help you skip the Tokyo Rig around docks or trees is to use a trailer with flat sides. The flat sides will have less friction, compared to a bait with lots of ribs or appendages, when the bait is going across the water. 

As Patrick has fished the Tokyo Rig more and more, he has discovered that using 2 weights works dramatically better around vegetation. He explains that by using 2 weights facing away from each other, the bait comes in and out of the cover much smoother. To do this, choose the weight you want to use and then stack 2 weights that are half the desired weight. This makes a much more compact and sleeker presentation.

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