Top Three Soft Stick Baits

Tue, July 20, 2021

A soft stick bait is by far the most bass catching bait ever made. Between its ease of use and versatility, there is no "bad" time to throw one. Whether you are a novice angler looking for that first bite or an experience angler tying to turn around a tough day, this bait is a go-to across the board. With its simplistic design, it's easy to overlook the subtle differences when making your purchase.

Which is why we are going through our top three stick bait choices. To evaluate the best stick baits, we looked at key features like material composition, durability, action, cost, and others. No two worms are alike! With years of experience on the water and continuously evaluating trends, we feel confident that these are the top three stick baits currently being manufactured.

Best Overall Stick Bait: Yamamoto Senko

It's no surprise to any avid angler that the best overall stick bait is the Gary Yamamoto Senko. The senko is the gold standard and is what every other manufacture looks to replicate with their own versions. The secret lies within the proprietary salt/sand content that gives this bait the action that makes it so good. Using it on a simple weightless wacky presentation will showcase the fish catching action.

While getting bites with this bait will be the least of your worries, keeping it intact may be a cause for concern. When fishing with the senko, you tend to burn through baits pretty quickly. It could be pesky panfish or a strong run made by a bass, these baits are only good for one or two catches before you need to put a new one on. With a pack coming in over $7, it could mean spending more for a day out on the water.

Best Value Stick Bait: Yum Dinger

if you find yourself on a hot stick bait bite, the Yum Dinger is a great option for several reasons. The first being price tag! You can get a pack of these for just over $3, allowing you to buy two packs to every one in other brands. They are also more durable relative to other brands in the category, making it a great option for weighted scenarios like on a Texas Rig or Neko Rig. With those two characteristics, you wont be worried about breaking the bank.

The one downside to the added durability is a reduction in action. The bait appears to be more stiff and doesn't have the most realistic movements. That can be minimized by using it in more weighted applications, like with a bullet weight or on a weighted jig head.

Best of Both Worlds Stick Bait: Xzone Lures True Center Stick

Looking for great value and performance? The new kid on the block from Xzone Lures is the stick bait for you! It comes in at a relatively low price point at around $4 a pack, but still has a softer/durable body for more realistic action. For the best of both worlds, there is no doubt that this bait delivers.

Without leaning to far one way or the other, there are times when this bait should be switched for the more durable or lifelike option. But for most applications this is a great all around option to fit many different scenarios and rigging methods.

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