Neko Rig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Shin Fukae

Thu, May 4, 2023

An expert at finesse angling, Major League Fishing pro, Shin Fukae has caught thousands of bass on a Neko Rig, and here he breaks down his preferred setup for this presentation. When fishing the SPRO Pintail Stick Worm paired with a Gamakatsu G-Finesse Cover Neko Hook, Shin uses a 7'0" Medium/Fast Shimano Expride B spinning rod, which is extremely sensitive and lightweight, making it perfect for just about any finesse presentation.

For the reel, Shin relies on Shimano's flagship spinning reel, the 3000-size Stella FK, which he admits is a little bit spendy, however, anglers will have the pinnacle of line management and castability with the Stella's innovative design to achieve maximum performance.

Rounding out his setup, Shin relies on a 10lb braided line to an 8lb fluorocarbon leader. With this setup, anglers can take their Neko rig and confidently fish behind other anglers to pickup bites that they leave behind!

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