St. Croix Victory 7'6" Power Flip'N Heavy Mod-Fast Rod w/ Bob Downey

Sun, April 10, 2022

At the 2022 Bassmaster Classic Expo, Bob Downey shares with us one of his favorite models in the St. Croix Victory series, the 7'6" Power Flip'N casting rod. At 7'6" in length and touting a Heavy Power, Moderate-Fast action, this rod is excellent for all of your close-range, heavy cover power fishing needs like pitching, flipping, and punching. With a narrow grip, it fits comfortably in-hand and provides an ergonomic feel that allows fishing with a 1 ounce or heavier weight all day long a breeze. The moderate-fast action of this rod is crucial for close-range flipping and punching to absorb shock on hard hooksets that are a minimal distance from the boat in order to prevent blowing the heavy weight out of the fish's mouth. If you're punching grass or other forms of thick cover, be sure to check out the St. Croix Victory Power Flip'N casting rod!

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