Spinnerbaits in Heavy Current and Cover

Tue, December 31, 2019

A spinnerbaits versatility can be showcased in rivers, lakes, shallow/muddy water or deep/clear water. When most anglers see shallow water laydowns, they first think to pick up a jig and start flipping the laydown. However, when heavy current is added to the equation the decision to pick up a jig may no longer be the best option. When you flip a jig into that laydown, the heavy current is going to sweep the jig from the high percentage area and away from the fish. Spinnerbaits can be an underutilized tactic for these situations. Bass are feeding on baitfish and worming a spinnerbait through the cover can trick opportunistic fish into biting. This presentation does not let the fish think, they just act from instinct and crush it. 

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