How to Fish a Spinnerbait Around Heavy Cover/Trees with Patrick Walters

Fri, June 3, 2022

One of Bassmaster Elite Series Angler, Patrick Walters', favorite way to fish heavy cover and shallow trees is with the trust spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits effectively imitate a wide variety of baitfish species and excel in the springtime and during the shad spawn that occurs after largemouth bass finish spawning. When fishing a spinnerbait, the biggest misconception is not fishing the bait through heavy cover. With each cast, you want to throw the spinnerbait as tight to the cover or shallow tree that you're targeting and even deflect off the cover to help trigger strikes. In lakes that are ridden with cypress trees, the root systems also offer additional cover and deflection targets that the changing direction of the skirt and blades will trigger strikes. When throwing a spinnerbait, Patrick Walters likes to use a Terminator spinnerbait with an added small paddletail style trailer for added drawing power and attraction for bigger bites.

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