How to Choose the Right Bait with Bob Downey

Thu, August 11, 2022

Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Bob Downey, is here to share how to choose the right bait based on the type of cover or structure you are fishing. Choosing the right bait for the cover or structure in front of your boat is key to maximizing efficiency on the water and getting more bites. Certain baits will be better options to pick apart specific types of cover. For example, shallow wood, trees, and stumps are great places for throwing a spinnerbait versus a bladed jig that does not come through wood as easily. When dealing with vegetation, generally it is best to avoid treble hooked baits as they will foul up in the cover and are not easy to fish around shallow cover. In shallow vegetation, baits such as a swim jig or a topwater frog are the better choices for their weedless characteristics. In general, there are always specific lures that come through different types of cover better than others. Making sure you have the right tool, or in this case lure, for the job will result in being more efficient on the water and having an overall more enjoyable experience.

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