Junk Fishing 101 with Bob Downey

Fri, July 8, 2022

Today, we're on the water again with Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Bob Downey, to get some Junk Fishing 101. Junk Fishing is essentially a conglomeration of multiple fishing techniques, where you might be casting a moving bait one minute and dragging a jig the very next - it all depends on what is directly in front of you. Bob's way of junk fishing is to have several rods on the deck, in excess of five rods rigged and ready, where you rotate through them during the course of a day depending on the depth and cover you are targeting. On a grassy bank with some wind, Bob might pick up a weedless rigged swimbait, and will slow down and pick apart isolated cover, such as a stump or a dock, with a bait like a Texas Rig. It all comes down to just fishing what is in front of you and pick up the bait that looks best for the cover in front of the boat and keep moving until you find fish. Junk fishing is very effective when fish are spread out, such as during the post-spawn or in the summer-to-fall transition. Constantly switching things up and adapting on the fly is what junk fishing is all about.

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