How to Set Up the Wacky Rig

Tue, February 18, 2020

Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Seth Feider, explains how to set up and use the famous wacky rig. Seth uses a VMC Neko Hook and stick style bait for his setup. Any small octopus/finesse hook will work, it comes down to personal preference. One tip that Seth keeps in mind is that each worm has its own balancing point and will not always be in the middle of the worm. Move the worm in your fingers until it balances, showing you where to place your hook. Here are the quick steps for setting up a wacky rig…

  1. Tie the hook of your choice to the main line. 
  2. Select your stick style bait and find the balancing point.
  3. (Optional) Add an O-ring for greater durability.
  4. Thread your hook through the balancing point and you are ready to fish.

Hook: VMC Neko Hook

Bait: BioSpawn ExoStick

Line: Sufix Advance Fluoro

O Ring: VMC Wacky Ring Tool

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