How to Set Up a Texas Rigged Worm w/ Patrick Walters

Wed, July 14, 2021

Setting up a texas rigged worm is no challenge once you get the hang of it. The rig consists of four basic components: a sinker, a bobber stopper, a hook and a bead. To set it up, all it takes is four easy steps:

Step 1

Apply your bobber stopper onto the line. By doing this, you ensure that the weight will remain close to the bait and the bait will maintain good action.

Step 2

Slide your sinker onto the line. In the video, Patrick uses a 3/8 ounce tungsten weight.

Step 3

(Optional) Apply a bead underneath the weight. A little sound added to the rig could be the difference between a good and bad day out on the water.

Step 4

Tie the hook onto the rig to finish the basic setup. Patrick recommends using an EWG style hook to increase landing ratio. He also prefers to tie a Palomar knot.

Tips for Applying the Worm

Slide the hook through the head of the worm and pull the body down next to the hook. Find where the hook will come out of the bait and pinch with your fingers just below that point. Use your fingers as a marker and pull the hook through the body just above your fingers. If you did it correctly, the body of the worm should be straight and the hook point should be laying flat on the bait.

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