Zoom Z Craw Worm Review with Patrick Walters

Wed, June 15, 2022

A hybrid of two best-selling baits, the Zoom Z Craw Worm was crafted using the body of the Zoom Magnum Finesse Worm and the high-action kicking tails of the Zoom Z Craw. Bassmaster Elite pro, Patrick Walters, is here to share why the new Zoom Z Craw Worm has quickly become one of his favorites. One of Patrick's signature ways to rig the Zoom Z Craw Worm is to trim down its length and use it as a swim jig or bladed jig trailer, where its flared tails give a slender kicking action at nearly any retrieve speed. In addition to fishing it as a trailer, Patrick also recommends fishing the Zoom Z Craw Worm on a Texas Rig, which is how Patrick's fellow Elite Series competitor, Buddy Gross, won the 2022 Elite Series event on the Harris Chain in Florida!

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