How to Set Up a Texas Rig

Wed, April 22, 2020

A Texas Rigged bait offers a ton of variety when fishing many different scenarios. From light line applications to throwing it in the thickest of cover, there isn’t a scenario where a Texas Rigged bait wouldn't make sense. Choose between many different bait options along with hooks and you have endless options available to you. See how to rig this popular bait with the steps below. 

  1. Take your line and thread a bullet style weight cone first up toward your rod tip. (you can thread a bobber stop or weight peg before you put on the weight if you are fishing in thick cover to help the rig come through better).
  2. Select your preferred hook. Classic styles are an EWG, Worm, or Flipping hook.
  3. Tie on your hook. Common knots to use are the palomar or snell knot.
  4. Take the soft plastic (worm, creature, beaver, etc.) and stick the hook into the nose of the bait, going as far in as the barb and then pushing it out the side. 
  5. Slide the bait up to the eye of the hook and line the back end of the bait up to the hook point. 
  6. Push the hook point up through the bait and out the other side, making sure the soft plastic is streamlined across the gap of the hook. 
  7. Slightly bury the hook point back in the soft plastic so it becomes weedless. 

Line: Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon

Weight: WOO! Tungsten Flipping Weight

Hook Option 1: VMC Wide Gap Hook

Hook Option 2: VMC Worm Hook

Hook Option 3: VMC Flippin Hook

Soft Plastic Baits




Optional Weight Peg: Stopper Peg

Optional Flipping Bead: Flipping Beads

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