How to Set Up a Punch Rig

Wed, February 5, 2020

Bassmaster Elite Series Angler, Chris Groh demonstrates how to set up a punch rig. The punch rig is the preferred method for fishing the heaviest cover that bass hide in. Lily pads, hydrilla, or matted grass are common areas that the punch rig is used. Here are the 4 quick steps to set up a punch rig…

  1. Thread a bobber stopper on to your line. 1 peg will be sufficient for weights between ⅛-¾ oz, however most anglers will add a second peg when using a weight heavier than 1 oz. 
  2. Slide the weight onto the line (pointed end towards the bobber stop). 
  3. Tie your line to the hook. Chris Groh uses a snell knot due to an increased hookup ratio. 
  4. Thread your bait on “texas rig” style so that the presentation is as weedless as possible. 

Line: Berkley X5 Braid

Bobber Stop: Weight Pegs

Weights: Tungsten Flipping Weights

Hook: 5/0 Flipping Hook

Bait: Berkley Pit Boss

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