How to Rig a Large Weedless Swimbait

Mon, August 15, 2022

A weedless swimbait is a great way to cover water when there is an abundance of submerged vegetation. Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, is here to show how to rig a large weedless swimbait for fishing around vegetation. Whether hollow-bodied or solid-bodied, any swimbait in the 5-inch range or larger can be easily rigged weedless and most soft plastic manufacturers have an offering for a large soft-bodied swimbait. To get started, all you need is a swimbait and a weighted swimbait hook, such as the VMC Drop Dead Weighted Hook. This hook features a molded lead weight to keep the bait down in the water column and a screw-lock keeper, which will hold the nose of your swimbait securely and ensure proper rigging for a straight swimming action. When rigging a swimbait with a screw-lock keeper, Bob recommends first turning your swimbait in the opposite direction of the keeper threads before twisting it clockwise to ensure that the screw-lock runs perfectly straight into the nose of the swimbait. Once started, simply twist the swimbait all the way to the top of the keeper and position the belly of the swimbait facing down. From there, simply line up the hook against the side of the swimbait to see where the hook should penetrate through the backside of the worm as a guide for running the hook point through the belly of the swimbait. A weedless swimbait is a great alternative to a bladed jig or swim jig that comes through cover better than almost any other moving bait you can throw!

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