How to Fish in Current with Patrick Walters

Fri, June 10, 2022

An aspect of bass fishing that can often be a challenge amongst newer anglers is fishing in current. However, current areas can often be some of the most productive places to target bass on any given body of water. Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Patrick Walters, is here to share how he breaks down and fishes for bass in current. Typically, fish using current will be more stationary, waiting for food such as shad, bluegill, or even crawfish to roll through with the current and become an easy meal. A key factor is to position the boat so that you are casting into the current and pulling your bait with the current. Fishing current breaks is crucial for success, as this is where bass will have perfect ambush points to eat prey. When it comes to fishing in current, swimbaits and jigs are great options, but Patrick's favorite choice is to throw a crankbait to help cover water and trigger strikes.

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