How to Fish a Large Weedless Swimbait with Bob Downey

Tue, August 16, 2022

A weedless swimbait is a great alternative to a chatterbait or swim jig when covering water around an abundance of shallow vegetation. Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Bob Downey, is here to share how to fish a weedless swimbait for largemouth bass. Similar to many other moving baits, generally a weedless swimbait is best fished in areas of 6-8 feet of water or less. A simple cast and steady retrieve back to the boat is often the best practice, allowing the tail of the bait to kick steadily and run straight to trigger bites. A benefit of fishing a weedless swimbait is that it offers bass a slightly different profile and a more natural appearance, in comparison to a swim jig, chatterbait, or spinnerbait. An added bonus is that this technique often targets above-average sized bass, making the weedless swimbait a great addition to your shallow water bass fishing arsenal.

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