How to Rig a Large Swimbait with Patrick Walters

Wed, May 4, 2022

Large swimbaits are one of the best offerings to catch above-average sized bass and here Patrick Walters breaks down the differences between pre-rigged and unrigged swimbaits and how he rigs them for success. Many large swimbaits, such as the Megabass Magdraft, come pre-rigged with a harness and are ready to be fished straight out of the package. Other options, such as the Megabass Madgraft Freestyle or various line-through swimbaits require the angler to select their own hook for rigging. The standard Megabass Madgraft features an internal magnet system and a slot that perfectly fits one of the three hooks on the pre-rigged treble, which forces the hook to lay tight to the body, allowing the angler to skip the bait more easily and fish it around cover with fewer chances of getting hung up. One method that Patrick employs to help the hook stay put to the magnet and in the hook slot is to bend out one of the three hooks on the treble, which can then be pinned into the body of the swimbait for added security.

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