How to Fish a Texas Rig in the Spring with Bob Downey

Thu, June 30, 2022

One of the most popular techniques to catch bass is the classic Texas Rig. Whether you're flipping shallow cover or dragging offshore points, the Texas Rig has become a favorite of anglers worldwide. Today, we're in the boat with Bassmaster pro, Bob Downey, to get a rundown on how to fish a Texas Rig during the springtime. During the immediate period before and during the spawn, it is important to not move too fast, which means downsizing the weight on a Texas Rig. When it comes to spring Texas Rig fishing, Bob relies on a 1/4 oz tungsten weight or less, where the slow falling action is just right for bass who have spawning on the mind. During prespawn, it's key to put your bait right into the heart of targets: clumps of cattails, emerging vegetation, and laydowns. Once you get into the spawn, you're going to look for pockets and areas where beds might be, which might be a pocket in the cattails or a clearing aside a laydown. Using a lighter weight will force you to slow down and really pick apart the shallow cover to catch more fish in the spring with a Texas Rig.

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