How to Fish a Neko Rig with Bob Downey

Tue, July 19, 2022

The Neko Rig has become one of the most popular finesse tactics to fool wary bass who refuse other techniques of offerings. Today, we're in the boat with Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, to get a full rundown on how to fish a Neko Rig. With a unique action, the Neko Rig is almost like a hybrid between a wacky rig and a shaky head that is meant to be fished along the bottom. When fishing a Neko Rig, Bob likes to fish it along the bottom with short little hops to get the worm to dance and sway to entice bites. In windier conditions, you can fish it with your rod tip down and twitch it along the bottom. Generally, a Neko Rig is best in mid-depth to deep water in cleaner bottom areas, such as hard bottom near vegetation or rock piles, and is an excellent finesse technique to show bass something a little different once they make their way offshore.

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