How to Fish a Large Swimbait with Patrick Walters

Mon, May 23, 2022

Bassmaster Elite angler, Patrick Walters, is here to share some tips on how to fish a large swimbait. One of the biggest misconceptions about large swimbaits is that you can't fish them around or through cover - this is when Patrick capitalizes, where other anglers leave targets unchecked. Putting a large swimbait in high percentage areas is the most important factor for success when fishing these bigger baits. Large swimbaits, like the 8" Megabass Magdraft, are typically fished most effectively in 4 feet of water or deeper, whereas the 6" Magdraft can be fished much shallower due to its lower weight. With an elevated rod tip and a slight bow in the line, you'll want to move it along with a slow reeling motion so the bait swims steadily and runs straight. The key is to not overwork these baits and move them along with a nice, steady cadence.

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