How to Choose the Right Football Jig

Tue, June 8, 2021

What should you consider when you choose a football jig? Do you need a skirt? What color should it be? Pete has the answers to all that and will tell you what kind of jig is best for where you’re fishing.

How to Choose the Right Line Tie for a Football Jig

When choosing a football jig line tie it's important to analyze what cover you'll be fishing in. If you're fishing hard cover like docks, rocks or wood piles, a horizontal line tie will give the jig the best action. If you're fishing in softer cover like weeds, grass or coontail a vertical line tie will be the way to go.

When to Use a Skirt with a Football Jig

When you arrive to the body of water, you'll need to analyze how many boats are out on the water. If you see a lot of people fishing or know that it's a commonly fished body of water, it can be better to minimize your presentation. Going unskirted will achieve just that. It makes a more subtle, compact presentation that pressured fish will love. If you notice that the body of water isn't heavily fished however, it can be a good idea to go with the classic skirted approach and give them something exciting.

What Colors to Choose for a Football Jig

If you're looking to gain confidence with football jigs, the best color choice is peanut butter and jelly. It works well in both stained and clear water and is a common color choice when fishing football jigs. If peanut butter and jelly isn't working for the day you can try the classic colors as well. This means black/blue or black/purple in stained water and green pumpkin in clear water.

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