All-Terrain Jigs Overview with Bob Downey

Fri, September 9, 2022

An up-north staple amongst bass anglers, All-Terrain Tackle Jigs have become a favorite of anglers nationwide in recent years. All-Terrain pro and Elite Series angler, Bob Downey, is here to share some of his favorite jigs from All-Terrain tackle and share what makes each of them a great choice for just about any jig fishing technique. The Grassmaster Jig has a sleek cone head and is perfect for fishing in heavy grass, such as milfoil, coontail, hydrilla, and more. Anytime you need a jig that slips through cover with ease, the All-Terrain Grassmaster is your best friend when fishing in the grass. From there, Bob covers what is perhaps the most famous jig from All-Terrain Tackle, the Rattling A.T. Jig. The A.T. is a multi-purpose jigs with a recessed-eye to slip through vegetation and has a head design perfect for rock, wood, and docks, making it the ultimate any-terrain bass jig. The All-Terrain Tackle Football Jig features a wide, football-shaped head that rolls and wobbles over rock and other hard structures, making it ideal for hard bottom areas such as rock piles, underwater points, ledges, bluff walls, and more. Lastly, the All-Terrain Swim Jig features a head design that planes perfectly underwater, giving it a perfectly straight swimming action features a braided-line ready hook for fishing for big bass around heavier cover.

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