How to Choose the Right Dropshot Hook with Shin Fukae

Mon, October 10, 2022

Major League Fishing pro, Shin Fukae, is a finesse angling guru from his years targeting clear water largemouth in Japan's Lake Biwa and from traveling the country fishing competitively. In this video, he breaks down how to choose the right hook for one of the most popular finesse techniques, the dropshot. One of the best-selling dropshot hooks in the United States is the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Drop Shot hook, which is perfect for open-water nose hooking applications and smaller baits. To combat the occasional line twist that happens with a traditional dropshot hook, Gamakatsu also designed the G-Finesse Swivel Shot Drop Shot Hook, which features a high-quality swivel that eliminates worries of line twist in deeper water conditions. For rigging larger drop shot worms, another popular hook is the G-Finesse Light Cover Worm Hook, which features a tin keeper that locks even the softest hand-poured worms into place for fishing around brush piles, vegetation or other forms of cover. Similar to the original G-Finesse Drop Shot Hook, Gamakatsu also designed the G-Finesse Swivel Shot Worm Hook for eliminating line twist when fishing larger drop shot worms in deeper water. With these four hooks from Gamakatsu's famed G-Finesse line, anglers will have all of their dropshot bases covered to hit the water with confidence.

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