Football Head Tricks for Bigger Bass

Mon, December 2, 2019

Whether you are fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass, big fish are always the goal. There is no better way to target the biggest fish in a school other than a football jig. This jig provides a larger profile and can easily imitate a craw or bluegill. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Chris Groh, shares his favorite way to target bass with the football jig by slowly dragging the bait and snapping it out of hangups. 

By slowly dragging the bait across the bottom, you are able to feel what the bait is going over. This is a very important way to fish rocks and sand areas because you can fine tune your presentation and pattern if you know what the bottom composition is when you get bit. When fishing the football jig in rocks, inevitably it is going to get stuck in crevices, but because of the shape of the head you should be able to pull it free from the rock. This can often times cause a reaction bite. If a fish is slowly following the bait asit gets hung up, they will likely continue to look at it while you attempt to free the lure. When the lure is finally freed and shoots up into the water column, fish will instinctively eat your bait. All that is left to do is set the hook!

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