Flip Docks Like Seth Feider

Tue, October 22, 2019

Bass fishing is synonymous with dock fishing, bass like docks and anglers like to fish docks. During certain times of the year, fishing docks can be a great way to find fish. Docks offer lots of shade and ambush positions to prey on baitfish. Although Docks can hold a lot of fish, they can be a challenge to fish for many anglers. Odd angles, low clearances, and lots to snag all add up to the challenge of dock fishing. Don’t forget to factor in that bass often hide in the farthest corners of the dock, making it that much more difficult. 

Seth Feider takes a one-two approach to dock fishing. By utilizing a texas rig and a jig, he is able to show fish different options if they are not biting one or the other. Something to keep in mind is that dock fishing can be time consuming, to thoroughly fish each dock requires time and patience. Moving too quickly will lead to mistakes and cruising right past fish. Seth recommends fishing only the highest percentage docks and avoid fishing an entire stretch of docks. High percentage docks often possess one or more of these features: isolated, deep, or large. 

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