Deps Circuit Vib Blade Bait Breakdown

Mon, November 7, 2022

Known for premium craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Japanese Domestic Market brand, Deps, is regarded as a premier brand in the world of bass fishing. From the giant Slide Swimmer 250s to their wide range of plastics, Deps baits are known for producing big fish and in this video, Omnia Fishing's Jacob Bros breaks down the Deps Circuit Vib Blade Bait. Under conditions where fish are feeding aggressively in colder water, the Deps Circuit Vib truly shows off its ability to catch bigger than average fish. As you lift the rod or slowly reel it off the bottom, the Circuit Vib kicks aggressively as it vibrates, and it is very easy for anglers to feel when this bait is getting its best action. A notable feature of the Circuit Vib is its circuit board body with a heavily weighted belly, which gives it a low center of gravity to produce an outstanding swimming action and a stable posture on the fall. Armed with double frog-style hooks, the Circuit Vib comes over rocks cleaner than traditional three-hooked treble hooks. Weighing in with two sizes (3/8 and 1/2 oz) and available in some of the most beautiful painted colors of any blade bait on the market, the Deps Circuit Vib is one that smallmouth and largemouth anglers need in their arsenal to garner a big bite during late fall and winter cold water conditions.

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