How to Choose a Jigging Rap with Joe Ponessa

Wed, November 9, 2022

Swimming in tantalizing circles under the ice or in open water for suspended game fish, the Rapala Jigging Rap features a balanced, weighted minnow profile that triggers aggressive strikes under the right conditions. Today, Omnia Fishing's Joe Ponessa is on the water targeting late-season smallmouth and walleye and is going over how to choose the right Jigging Rap. A few key factors to consider when selecting a Jigging Rap are the sky conditions, the depth you're fishing, and the species you're targeting. On cloudier days, brighter UV colors that contrast well in low light are a great choice, while on sunnier days, chromes and golds tend to be better choices for their light-reflecting capabilities. Available in a number of painted and UV painted colors, there is a right color Jigging Rap for any weather scenario. Available in numerous sizes, the Jigging Rap goes all the way up to a #9, weighing 7/8 oz, which is ideal for super deep water conditions where a heavier weight is more efficient to getting the bait in front of the fish. When fishing shallower water, the smaller size Jigging Raps (#2, #3, and #5) are ideal and won't hang up as easily in rocks or other snags along the bottom. Lastly, consider the species you're targeting. Rapala makes the Jigging Rap in a number of sizes, from the smaller #2 and #3, all the way up to the large #9, there are a variety of weights and sizes to accommodate any species or depth of water you're fishing.

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