How to Fish a Jigging Rap with Joe Ponessa

Thu, November 10, 2022

One of the most recognizable and popular baits from Rapala, the Jigging Rap has found a home in the tackle boxes of both ice and open water anglers for decades. Today, Omnia Fishing's Joe Ponessa is here to show a couple productive ways to fish a Rapala Jigging Rap in open water. A key aspect to the action of the Jigging Rap is its wide gliding, swimming action on the fall. In order for a Jigging Rap to get the best action possible, there needs to be a slight amount of slack in the line after each hop to swim and dart in its signature action. Whether fishing vertically or on a short cast, hopping the Jigging Rap along the bottom with short, but fast, lifts of the rod is an effective way to fish a this bait in open water. A second method of fishing the Jigging Rap is popular in deep water for suspended fish. When using a heavier #7 or #9 size, allow a full-slack free fall down to the fish and simply click your bait and "deadstick" the bait. This allows it to swim in circles, tighter and tighter, until it eventually stops, at which point you can begin the same 1-2 foot hop with slack on the fall to get the best Jigging Rap action possible.

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