Best Knot for Flipping Heavy Cover with Wes Logan

Wed, September 28, 2022

When it comes to flipping and pitching heavy cover, knot selection can make the difference between landing big mama and going home empty-handed. Bassmaster Elite, Wes Logan, is an expert at flipping and pitching and here he goes over the nuances of selecting the best knot for fishing heavy cover scenarios. The two knots Wes uses most are a uni knot and a snell knot when using a straight shank flipping hook. The uni knot is best for long-distance flipping and pitching when getting the bait out away from the boat. The reason for this is with a uni knot, the hook point does not kick upwards like with a snell knot and typically you can get a higher landing percentage with a uni knot on longer flips or pitches. For shorter range flipping and pitching when the bait is closer to the boat, a snell knot is ideal for its ability to kick the hook point upward and outward for a cleaner hook-up and better landing ratio. Simply put, longer-range casts around heavy cover call for the uni knot, while shorter flips and pitches around the boat are best suited for the snell knot!

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