Winter Warm Water Discharge Fishing

Mon, March 23, 2020

Not into ice fishing or dead of winter fishing tactics? No problem, there are warm water discharges across the nation that provide great fishing opportunities during the coldest months of the year. Warm water discharges not only provide access to open water but also congregate many different species of fish, allowing for a truly unique experience.

Using lures like jerkbaits, tubes and swimbaits will cover a variety of moods you will find the fish in. If fish seem more active, start by casting upstream and have the current move the bait back down. To slow the retrieve down a little make a 45 degree cast upstream and have it swing downstream as you reel the bait back in. If the fish are lethargic you can cast the bait directly downstream and slowly work it back up. 

The key like in any other fishing scenario is pay attention to what the fish are telling you and be aware of your surroundings. A couple examples Steve Pennaz mentions is 1) look for the warmest water and 2) if only small fish are biting, try slowing up your presentation for those bigger fish. 

Steve also recommends using spinning gear, especially if the air temperature is below freezing. The bigger guides help prevent them from freezing up as quickly. If they do freeze, stick the rod in the water and swish it around until the ice breaks free. 



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