Water Temperature and Jerkbait Selection with Joe Ponessa

Tue, November 15, 2022

When it comes to jerkbait selection, one thing some bass anglers overlook is the level of aggression in the action of the jerkbait in relation to the water temperature and fish activity level. In general, in ultra-cold water temperatures below 50 degrees, anglers will want to have a less aggressive jerkbait with longer pauses. In warmer water, anglers will want to keep the bait moving and select a more aggressively slashing bait. Every brand makes a great jerkbait to choose from, but each has its differences in action and when they work best on the water in relation to water temperature. Today, we're on the water with Omnia Fishing's Joe Ponessa to review a wide range of jerkbaits from many brands to evaluate how water temperature influences jerkbait selection. When it comes to frigid cold water temps, slower darting jerkbaits such as the Smithwick Rogue or SPRO McStick are great choices when fish are more lethargic in cold water. As the water warms into the 50s, 60s, and above, more aggressive slashing jerkbaits, such as the Lucky Craft Pointer or Lightning Pointer are dynamite for warmer water smallmouth fishing. In warmer water, a jerkbait is fished best at high speeds, where anglers are ripping and moving the bait with shorter pauses to keep fish curious, interested, and aggressive. For Joe, and many anglers worldwide, the best option to cover all the bases, from light cold water twitches for prespawn largemouth to fast, aggressive ripping for warm water smallmouth in clear water, is the Megabass Vision 110 Series. In a variety of sizes, dive depths, and some of the most beautiful and intricate color choices on the market, there is a Megabass Vision 110 for every bass species and water temperature, year-round.

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