Venture Lures Steady Swimmer Tackle Breakdown

Sat, June 5, 2021

Coming from Michael Simonton, an award-winning angler, these baits have the look (and the smell) to catch all the fish you're looking for. Every Venture Lure bait is hand-poured and the Steady Swimmer is by far the standout bait in the line. If you like a bait that you can fish aggressively with lots of bottom contact, this is the bait for you!

Venture Lures Steady Swimmer Swimbait


Chartreuse Perch
Circus Shad
Clearwater Perch
Goby Plus
GP Kicker
Great Lakes Gill
Holy Moly
Mossback Shiner
Sexy Shad


2 3/4"3 1/4"
$4.5 – 5.25Product Details

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