How to Choose a Small Swimbait with Bob Downey

Thu, July 28, 2022

Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Bob Downey, is here to give a rundown on how to choose a small swimbait. Small swimbaits are great tools for covering water and locating smallmouth, spotted bass, and largemouth. With so many sizes and colors on the market from just about every soft plastics manufacturer, it can be overwhelming to know what size or color to use on a given day. A great starting point is to consider the predominant forage base and "match the hatch" with your color choice. When smaller minnows are present a 3" Largo Shad in silver or minnow-based colors are a perfect choice. Natural lakes with an abundance of bluegills are great places to throw larger 4" swimbaits in more natural brown and green color patterns. Once you have some confidence in a couple of sizes and colors, roll with those and that will be the best method for covering water and selecting the right small swimbait.

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