Top 3 Summer Bass Fishing Techniques

Tue, August 10, 2021

Pete's got his 3 favorite summer techniques to share with you. He covers all the situations you can use them in and how they are versatile all over the lake! Give these techniques a try if you are looking to put fish in the boat.


Dropshotting is a great technique in the summer when the fish are searching for cooler more stable water and typically find that in the deeper water. This technique is a great fallback when the fish aren't very aggressive and a slower presentation needs to be used.

Texas Rigs

Texas rigging is super popular this time of the year when the fish are moving deeper into deeper structure. The weedless design of this rig is great for getting it through the thick weeds and bouncing it off of structure.

Deep Diving Crankbaits

This technique will give you the biggest stringer of the day if you can locate the fish willing to bite it. This technique during the summer will absolutely find you the biggest fish of the day and is a personal favorite of Pete's to fish.

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