The "Chicken Rig" Jigging Spoon Modification with Jeremy Lawyer

Thu, October 13, 2022

Major League Fishing pro, Jeremy Lawyer, is an expert at fishing suspended bass with a jigging spoon. Using the new Gamakatsu G-Finesse Feathered MH Treble, Jeremy Lawyer has a slight modification to a jigging spoon that allows you to catch multiple fish per cast. When rigging up his jigging spoon on 16lb Sunline Sniper FC, Jeremy first slides the line through the eye of the Feathered MH Treble before tying on the spoon, allowing it to slide freely up and down the line. On many lakes with schooling spotted bass, this can be a unique way to catch more than one fish on a single cast, allowing anglers to take advantage of a hot schooling bite. Before fishing this modification to a jigging spoon, be sure to check your local and state fishing regulations on the number of hooked presentations on a single line!

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