How to Choose the Right Spoon

Thu, April 7, 2022

While an effective way to garner big bites on offshore ledges or effectively target suspended bass during tough conditions, knowing how to select the proper spoon is essential to success. Ricky Harris from Omnia Fishing takes some time to share how to choose the right spoon for bass fishing. There are two main categories of bass spoons, with traditional jigging spoons like the original Cotton Cordell, or flutter spoons like the Strike King Sexy Spoon. Traditional jigging spoons are meant to be fished vertically and over tops of brush/rock piles or even schools of fish where you can drop your bait straight down to the target. When fishing flutter spoons, it is necessary to get the bait out away from the boat so you can work them on the way back to the boat. With flutter spoons, there are "smaller" versions in the 4-5 inch range to imitate larger threadfin shad or smaller gizzard ahead, or the larger magnum-style spoons to imitate large gizzard shad, such as the Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon. Anytime bass are keyed in on baitfish, a spoon is a great way to target them and we hope these tips help you the next time bass are keyed on baitfish offshore!

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