How to Choose the Right Grass Jig w/ Seth Feider

Mon, June 14, 2021

What are the important pieces of information that you should consider when choosing a flipping jig? What colors work? What kind of head is best? What style of hook should I use? Seth will go into detail and give you the information you need to be successful on the water.

How to Choose the Right Line Tie for a Flipping Jig

Choosing the right line tie is very simple. To get started you'll need to analyze the cover you'll be fishing. Softer cover like weeds, grass, coontail, etc. should be matched with a vertical line tie. Vertical line ties will make the bait very versatile in that softer type of cover. If you're going to be flipping into docks, rocks or even submerged trees/wood you'll want to choose a horizontal line tie which gives the bait good action in harder over conditions.

How to Choose the Right Head Shape for a Flipping Jig

Choosing the right head shape is very similar to choosing the right line tie. You need to analyze the over you'll be fishing. Generally, wider heads are going to perform better in hard cover situations like docks, rocks or wood. Skinny heads will perform better in weeds, grass, coontail, etc.

How to Choose the Right Color for a Flipping Jig

Seth has a simple formula when it comes to choosing his colors for flipping jigs. If he's fishing clear or slightly stained water he'll tie on green pumpkin. If he's fishing dirty water he goes with the traditional black/blue or black/purple.

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