Rattling A. T. Jig Breakdown with Bob Downey

Thu, September 15, 2022

An all-time favorite from All-Terrain Tackle, the Rattling A.T. Jig is known for its ability to attack any form of cover and bring quality bass aboard. Here, we're with Bassmaster Elite and All-Terrain pro, Bob Downey, for a breakdown on the ever-popular All-Terrain Tackle Rattling A.T. Jig. Great for anything from shallow vegetation, docks, and laydowns to deeper structures such as rocks, brush piles, and more, the Rattling A.T. Jig is meant for any underwater terrain. A quality week guard covers a stout hook that allows the Rattling A.T. Jig to be fished on braid around heavy cover when necessary. Where this jig gets its name is the bass-attracting rattle that comes attached and can be removed for tougher fishing scenarios. Complete with All-Terrain's pro-tie skirts in a host of proven fish-catching colors, the All-Terrain Ratting A.T. Jig is a well-rounded choice for any form of cover you're fishing.

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