Jig Trailers - Aggressive vs. Subtle

Wed, January 15, 2020

The simple adjustment of a trailer while jig fishing can have a tremendous effect on the action of the bait. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Patrick Walters, keeps it simple with a two pronged approach. 

If fishing in cooler water when bass are more lethargic he opts for a chunk style trailer with its plain profile and subtle action. It will cause the jig to have a slow gliding action in the water. When Patrick is in warmer water with active fish around he shifts to a craw style trailer. The bulkier profile and erratic legs help coax active fish into biting.

Once Patrick matches the trailer style with the situation, he will further adjust the size based on the forage that is in that particular body of water. Upsizing or downsizing when needed. 

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