How to Rig a Soft Jerkbait with Bob Downey

Fri, January 6, 2023

The soft jerkbait mimics all types of forage with exact precision and has been catching all species of bass for decades. Today, Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, shares how to rig a soft plastic jerkbait. When rigging a soft jerkbait, such as a Strike King Caffeine Shad, Bob prefers to use a 4/0 VMC Wide Gap hook and does not use the heavy-duty version to allow good hooksets on long casts. Simply Texas rig the soft jerkbait and when fishing around cover, make sure the hook point is "Texposed", meaning you punch the hook point through the plastic but then recess the tip of the point back into the bait to remain weedless. When fishing open water, specifically for smallmouth, Bob recommends a slightly exposed hook point to allow the best hookups possible, especially on longer casts with lighter line.

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