How to Rig a Jig

Thu, May 5, 2022

One of the most famous ways to catch big bass on a consistent basis, the jig has been found on boat decks of bass anglers for years and is a confidence lure for many. Patrick Walters finds the jig to be one of the most versatile lures across the country, and here he gives some tips on how he modifies and rigs his favorite jig setup. When selecting a jig, first you'll want to consider the angle of the line tie. A horizontal line tie is great for hard cover, such as docks, rocks, trees, or any scenario where you're dragging the bait along the bottom, whereas a vertical line tie is great for fishing vegetation or swimming it back to the boat. One of the first things Patrick likes to do is trim back the length of the skirt for a more compact profile and a chunk-style trailer is Patrick's trailer of choice the majority of the time. Rigged on a 7'1" Daiwa Tatula Elite Andy Montgomery Skippin' Jig Rod with 20lb fluorocarbon on a Daiwa Tatula Pitch/Flip, you've got everything you ever need to fish one of the most popular bass baits ever made.

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