How to Rig a Buzzbait

Fri, July 30, 2021

Patrick Walters loves throwing a buzz bait and he knows just how to rig them! Whether it's choosing the right soft bait or using a trailer hook on the back, his years of angling experience give him the know-how to catch big ones with this technique.

How to Rig a Skirtless Buzzbait

Patrick Walters loves the Zoom Horny Toad and it's his go to bait, but if he wants something a little smaller he goes with the Zoom Z Craw Jr. To rig both the Horny Toad and the Z Craw Jr, Patrick starts by removing the skirt from the buzzbait. He then takes his bait of choice and threads the hook through the head of the bait. Before reaching the baitkeeper, he takes a small dab of glue and applies it just above where he'll be sliding the bait. He then slides the bait up onto the baitkeeper.

How to Rig a Skirted Buzzbait

If you're trying to go skirted with your buzzbaits, Patrick recommends adding a trailer hook onto the bait. Slide a small baitkeeper onto the same hook you put thee trailer hook on and you've got a simple, low-profile setup.

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