How to Choose the Right Buzz Bait

Tue, July 20, 2021

As Patrick Walters says, "Who doesn't love a good topwater strike?" And buzz baits are a great way to get that blowup! Patrick has everything you should consider when picking one out, he even made up a new phrase for why a certain trailer might work better than others.

What to Consider When Choosing a Buzzbait (0:36 - 2:00)

Ultimately, your choice of buzzbait boils down to two things: size and skirt. Normally, Patrick likes to go with a 1/2 ounce buzzbait with a larger blade size and a trailer without a skirt. Why is this Patrick's first choice and recommendation? It's due to something he calls "suction surface". Bass usually suck prey into their mouth, so something with some mass like a plastic trailer is easier for them to get suction on than something skirted without a trailer. He only chooses something smaller with a trimmed skirt if he's going for a smaller profile.

How to Choose the Right Color (2:00 - 2:34)

Patrick prefers two colors for the main body of the buzzbait, he will either go with white or black. For the blade, he prefers to go with a gold spinner in dirtier water or chrome in clearer water conditions. Sometimes he'll experiment with a black painted blade in overcast conditions, but very rarely does so.

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